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Maha Kumbabishegam

In June 2010, the Maha Samprokshanem (Kumbabishekam) of this temple has been done in a grand manner with the gracious presence of Emperumanar jear of Thirukoilur. Sri S. Raghuveera Battachari of Madurantakuam also gave his lecture on Seetha kalyanam on that occasion. Around 4000 devotees and peoples had got the blessings of lord Vishnu in Maha Samprokshanem. Annadhanam and various spiritual functions happened on that day.

Mandala Abishegam

On the completion of 48th day of Mandala Abishekam on regards to samprokshanem, we got the gracious MANGALA SASHANAM given by the jear of Sriperumbathoor Sri Paramahamsa Uppan Parakala Embar jear. A grand spiritual orchestra has been arranged for nearly 2000 devotees and people who got the gracious blessings of Sri Veetrirundha Perumal.

Latcha Archana Pooja

Latcha Archana Pooja is one of the most spiritual pooja happened in the temple on May 2011. Nearly 2500 people in and around pernamallur were made their presence for the offerings in the Pooja.

Bhajana Festival

Bhajana festival in 2011, started with hosting the flag. Nearly 20 troops bajana asthikas had participated in the festival. The devotees in pernamallur are much benefited as they listened Divya Prabandham, Sri Hari Namam from the Bhajana troops all around pernamallur.

Vaigundha Egadesi Festival

This is the most unique festival of this temple. On the day of Vaigunda Egadesi (dec-jan of every year) Sri Veetrirundha perumal with sridevi and bhudevi will offer his blessings to the devotees of pernamallur in each and every streets of the locality. Annadhaanam and Special Poojas will also happen on this day.

Special Archana's and Pooja's

Various Special Archana’s and Pooja's are being done everyday in this temple as per the devotees wish for their birthday, anniversary and special hindhu ospacious days. People can register for special pooja's and archana's on their special day.
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